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A spider to make a local copy of a webpage's entire contents


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With the amount of data available on the Internet, sometimes you need to compile information and save it in a database to import into a Word or Excel doc. This task used to be the exclusive domain of experienced users, but now with BrownRecluse it can be done by anyone. This tool can analyze and capture any content on a website.

It works in a really simple way. Using simple commands, you can download a webpage and show its source code, even if you know nothing about programming. Everything is integrated into the program's own scripting language.

BrownRecluse uses SBL (Spider Bot Language), which is really easy to understand and use; it also uses a variety of features from Pascal, VB, C, and JavaScript.

The program interface is quite simple, but includes a good number of options. It also lets you run more than one sweep at a time with its multitask option, each with its own Internet connection and variables. The output windows can be shared among all the scripts being run; even if one of them pauses or stops, it won't affect the other sequences.

With BrownRecluse you can scan a website and gather huge volumes of information automatically, so you can later organize it into tables and export them to Excel.